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About - Heartbeat Trust

About HeartBeat Trust

HeartBeat Trust is a charity established in 2004 by Prof Ken McDonald and Prof Mark Ledwidge to support specialist clinical and research services in heart failure and heart failure prevention in Ireland.

Our Mission is to improve heart failure care for all through advocacy and the provision of internationally leading research and services.

The HeartBeat Trust team is diverse, incorporating clinicians (nurses, nurse specialists, and doctors), cardiac technicians, scientists, clinical researchers & support staff.

Our patient services are provided via our heart failure unit located in St Michael’s and St Vincent’s Hospitals.  St Michael’s is also home to our STOP-HF service aimed at prevention and early detection of heart failure. Our scientific research is carried out in the Conway Institute, University College Dublin. We also operate a virtual clinics that aim to disseminate expert advice and education to GPs.

What we do at Heartbeat Trust

  • Increase public awareness of heart failure
  • Build unique collaborations between hospitals, community care, healthcare professionals and patients for the benefit and ease of patients and their carers
  • Develop infrastructure for patients, care providers, researchers, health care funders and healthcare technology companies to collaborate and personalise cardiovascular care maximising benefits, reducing risks and prioritising cardiovascular disease prevention
  • Support an early warning and prevention programme for people diagnosed with heart failure and those at risk of developing heart failure
  • Help vulnerable and severe heart failure patients manage their condition in the community and in their homes
  • Our scientists carry out translational research into heart failure prevention, causes and care in the Conway Institute, University College Dublin

Patient Testimonials

Some words from our patients:

“It is indeed so very reassuring to know that we have excellent doctors such as Prof McDonald and his team working on our behalf.’

“As a spouse of a stroke survivor, tonight talks made me more aware of the actions I need to take for my own health as well as that of my husbands.”

“I find the process reassuring and the people involved in STOPHF very kind and helpful”

“I feel secure in the knowledge that I am being monitored. Beneficial in having ongoing advice etc.”

“Because of the thoroughness of the annual checks I was kept aware of my medical condition”

“While on the research programme it was discovered I had too much hormone. Then I was sent to the Endocrinology team in SVUH for many tests. I was diagnosed to have a growth in my pituitary and acromegaly. I had surgery in Beaumont Hospital to remove the growth. I am so grateful to the Heartbeat Trust for finding this and sending me to have it researched and treated.

“Lovely people. Great work over many years which will clearly help our nation. Thank you for your information”